What is Virginia Tech Men’s Lacrosse?
Men’s Lacrosse is a club sport at Virginia Tech. We compete in Division I of the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) under the SouthEastern Lacrosse Conference (SELC).

Can I contact the coach?
Yes. Head Coach Tim O’Brien can be reached via email at coachobrien@vt.edu.

Can I just come to watch a game?
Absolutely! We encourage anyone who enjoys watching the sport to come out for a game. Refer to the current season’s schedule to find the date and time of the next home game. Admission is free! See below to find out where to come see us.

Where does the team play?
The team practices and plays games across the street from the Burrows-Burleson Tennis Pavilion on Tech Center Drive. The estimated address per Google Maps is 500 Tech Center Drive. Since many people have a hard time finding the field, here are a couple of ways to find it:

By car: If traveling west on US 460 from Christiansburg, take a right onto Southgate Drive (Rt 314) to enter the Virginia Tech Campus. Turn right onto Tech Center Drive. Parking is the last lot on the left as you round the top of the hill. Our field is the furthest from the parking lot on the top level.

Walking from campus: Walk down Spring Street past Cassell Coliseum and Lane Stadium. Cross over Southgate Drive and up the steep hill. Pass the South Recreation Fields and the Burrows-Burleson Tennis Center. Our fields are behind the parking lot as you round the top of the hill. The Men’s Lacrosse field is the furthest field on the top level.

Who does the team normally play?
In general, we play other college club teams in the MCLA. The schedule varies from season to season. See this seasons schedule for the teams we are scheduled to play.

Who is eligible to try out?
Any full time Virginia Tech student who still has NCAA eligibility and meets all school eligibility requirements can play.

When are tryouts?
Check out this website for the organizational meeting held within the first two weeks of the fall semester. If you have missed the meeting, please email Head Coach Tim O’Brien at coachobrien@vt.edu.

If you are interested in playing in the spring, you MUST attend the fall organizational meeting. Tryouts begin the second week of classes in the fall and the team is formed two weeks after the start of tryouts. The roster will be finalized and all necessary equipment will be ordered and travel arrangements will be made in the fall. We are unable to add new players in the spring.

What is the practice schedule like?
In the fall, the team practices three days a week. Practice times and days are generally in the evening (i.e. 6:30 – 8:30pm) and may be altered according to player class conflicts. In the spring, the team practices four days a week Mon-Thurs during the evening. Again, practice times may be altered according to player class conflicts.

What if I have a scheduling conflict?
Don’t. If you are planning on coming out for the team, arrange your class schedule so that your school day ends by at least 4:30 PM. Also, note that we have at least one game most weekends in the spring. If you have an unavoidable conflict, discuss it with Coach O’Brien.

How often are games scheduled?
In the fall, we participate in a couple of tournaments competing against other MCLA programs.

In the spring, we will generally have around 14 to 16 regular season games along with two potential post-season tournaments, filling most weekends. Check out our schedule from the last two years for an example.

What equipment would I need to provide?
Once on the team, each player must provide his own stick(s), cleats, and shoulder pads. A couple of purchases will be required of each member throughout the year aside from team dues (i.e. team apparel, practice penny, game shorts). Players should bring all there own equipment for the fall semester. Once the roster is set, the team provides players with elbow pads, team gloves, helmets, home and away jerseys, and team bags.

What costs will there be if I join?
The Virginia Tech Men’s Lacrosse team is primarily funded through player dues which covers equipment, apparel, league fees, ref fees, transportation (bus/airfare), and hotels.  Because the schedule varies from year to year, the dues may also vary on a year to year basis.  Player dues are critical to the smooth operation of the program.  If you think money may be an issue for you, please contact Coach O’Brien at coachobrien@vt.edu.

What can I do to prepare for tryouts?
Anything you can do to increase your strength and endurance will be beneficial.